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Hello & thank you so much for stopping by to see my works, I hope you'll enjoy my artworks. There will be more future works to come! :D


:heart:Awesome Artwork from Awesome and Amazing people! :D:heart:



:sun: Hello Everyone, I Am back from Cali & Utah!! :D :sun:

I am Sooo glad to be back here on DA, eventhough I was having fun in California & in Utah I've also been thinking about you guys & how you're doing.
My brother & I just came home around 3:30 p.m. (in the pacific time), we just drove from Boise, Idaho this morning to Oregon.
So much has happened in the past week & it was quite an adventure, We saw a lot of people, cars, animals, buildings, cities, landscapes & thunderstorms! 

California was nice for visiting family, but for a short time though. Then we drove through Death Valley & took a tour in Scottie's Castle, it was pretty neat & I filmed the whole tour with my new camera!:D
The tour lasted about 30 or 40 minutes, it usually lasts for an hour.
Then before we started heading out of scottie's Castle, we saw people who drove modeled cars in different paint jobs into the parking lot, then once we left Scottie's Castle & headed towards the highway, the modeled cars followed behind us moments later, but then they took a different route.
Then we drove through Las Vegas (Viva Las Vegas bby! :XD:) I never saw Las Vegas before, but I have heard about it & my mom loves it. We didn't drive through the big city though, we just went to one of the rest stop & grab lunch there, but I did manage to take a picture outside of the city.
Cowboy Then we finally reached Utah in no time, Cowboy 
Utah was really beautiful, the family reunion was held on the campground of Navajo lake. The family on our dad's side are really fun & nice people, I've met some of them from last year. We went hiking on Cascade falls, there were a few times that I worry that my brother won't make it, pass out or something, but he actually made it throughout the entire time, oh man was I proud of him! :D
We saw a lot of wild animals, especially deers & we saw a couple of wild horses (I'm not sure if they're wild or just ran away, all I knew is that I saw them out & about, it was really cool!).
We had a lot of laughs & adventures while we stayed in Utah, then my brother wanted to camp for one night & we did & bought camping gear for it & my brother ended up complaining about camping in the end.
Then before we left Utah, we went to a fair that was held in Duck creek, there was a lot to see, there were a row of nice looking Razr atvs, then there were a lot of rides (But most of them were kiddy rides), dancing competitions, fake bull rides & a lot of things to look at from the market.

Then we left for Idaho, but before that, we went to Salt Lake city for a little souvenir shopping at the outlet mall. Then we headed out on the highway, one the way, a certain building caught my eye & it was featured in an Episode from a reality television show called "Ghost Adventures"
Before we left home, I watched an episode of theirs & they're exploring in an attraction called "The Fear Factory", they said it is one of the most haunted buildings in America & I couldn't believe my eyes what I saw :O OMG Jawdrop 

(If you haven't watch them, I would recommend on watching them, they're Amazing! :D)
I've been watching these guys forever & seeing one of the haunted buildings they were in was an Amazing feeling for me, the only thing I regret right now is that I didn't take the picture of the building! frustrated 

But here are some pictures I found on Google of what I saw.

Post Below 

(I saw this exact building as we're driving by, but I think eversince the Ghost adventure crew left the site, they now have a sign above the Zombie's head that says "Haunted Attraction")

After a few hours, we finally reached Idaho.
Once there, my brother & I were introduced to one of our Dad's friends. They were so nice & generous, they bought us dinner & rent us a hotel room in Holiday express. We went to Wild Buffalo Wings for dinner, then they gave us a tour in Boise & they took us into their home.
Their house was really nice! :D
It's a 3-Story house with 2 kitchens & 4 or 5 bathrooms, & down in the basement is an extra room with 2 bedrooms in the back. And they have a little petting Zoo in their backyard, they have Goats, a potbelly pig, a Donkey, 2 cats & 2 dogs.
Then we went back to Holiday Express & said our goodbyes, then we left the next day.

It took us 9 hours to drive from Boise to Oregon, it was exhausting, but it was worth it & I did end up taking a lot of pictures.
Then we finally reached home, my brother & I say our goodbyes to our dad, since he lives all the way in New York & it'll take him 3 days to go back to NY.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm beat
we've been driving throughout the whole entire trip! :faint:

Oh & before I end this journal, I want to let you guys know that I wont post any pictures from my trip on DA yet, I'll post them up later after I make a video out of the whole trip.

Anyways, I'm glad to be back & I hope everyone is having a good summer so far. = )


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I'm not asking for much, but if you have any points to spare, I would greatly appreciate it! ^^
I wouldn't want you to donate your points if you don't want to, but if you wish to do so, then please feel free.

I appreciate your donation, Thank you very much! :D

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United States
Hello my name is ashley,
what's yours?
I'm very pleased to meet you,
Don't be afraid to talk to me, I promise you I won't bite;)
Goals: I would love to become an artist someday & design clothes (just for fun:)) & hoping one day I would travel to Germany, Ireland, Norway, or anywhere that I wish to go.

Personality: I am the type of person who doesn't talk much about myself or my personal life. I'm the type of person who's quiet almost all the time (in person). I'm the type who likes to laugh & making other people laugh, I really don't consider myself as a comedian or anything like that, I'm just silly, it's who I am:)
I'm always patient, doesn't matter what it is, I will always wait.
I can be very creative/artistic most of the time whenever I'm bored or just had an idea that popped into my head.
I am mostly friendly towards others who treat me just like the way they wanted to be treated,I pay no attention to people who likes to be mean or rude.
I am honest most of the time, I rarely tell lies. I'm very trustworthy. I'm can be secretive most of the time.
I can be ambitious when I'm heading towards a goal in life or if it's something that I really wanted to do.
I'm spontaneous. I'm always selfless, even though everyone needs to be a little selfish sometimes, I just couldn't think about myself. I'm protective most of the time, I never let my guard down. I'm a shy person, but I'm mostly brave when I need to be.
I can be sensitive, but that doesn't mean I'm easily broken.
I like talking & meeting new people (especially on DA:)).
I can be weird sometimes, but that's just me.
I may not be perfect, but who is anymore? I'm my own person & that what makes me unique in my own way & I'm not ashamed of being myself.

Hobbies: I love to sketch & draw, I've been drawing for a long time ever since I learned how to hold a pencil & since then I wanted to draw something new or something that would be challenging for me. Almost everyday you would see me drawing & I would spend countless hours just drawing, & from then on I gradually taught myself to draw from stick figures, cartoons to sketching people's eyes, faces, I kept on practicing & practicing, just keeping on drawing/sketching until I'm satisfied with my artwork. I'm still learning to paint, I must admit that I'm not so good with painting^^;
I like taking pictures ever since I was 9 years old,(I blame my older sister for that) I've also been practicing for a long time to get used to using a camera & take pictures. I used to take pictures of certain things like flowers,& animals, but now I take pictures of something random, something that catches my interest or If I find something beautiful & I just feel like I should take it's picture.
I began learning to speak in another language when I was 11 years old, I took interest of speaking in Japanese, I began singing in Japanese by singing theme songs from anime shows & from this day on, I'm still singing in Japanese & other languages as well. Then I began taking interest of speaking in German when I was 14 years old, I was told by my mother that I'm half German & from then on I began taking interest of actually speaking German & learning their culture. Freshman year was a rough time for me to take a German class, it was impossible for me to be assigned in that class, until my sophmore year, I was moved to another school & in no time I finally got to take a German class, it was kinda hard at first, but then things got easy for me until my junior year. The school moved me to different classes & I didn't get to finish the German class, but that didn't stop me. From then on I bought a German dictionary book from a bookstore & then I would find google translations & learn To speak German more, then later on I begin buying German translation apps from the App Store & from then on, I would start making my own sentences in German.
I took interest of clothes designing when I was 17. I thought it would be awesome to make my own clothes/style with my designs & ideas put into it. I first started to learn on how to sew when I was 13, then I started on making my own bags that's made from my old clothes that doesn't fit me anymore, then I start making bags out of fabric that wasn't made from clothes. Now I started to extend my clothes so that I wouldn't grow out of it. Maybe later in the future, when I'm fully practiced & have enough confidence to actually make clothes, I want to make a website that will not only have my ideas but other people's ideas as well (if anybody's interested^^)

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